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Най-големият форум по брой публикувани мнения в България е в сайта Teenproblem.net. В портала има 76 хил. регистрирани потребители и 3,15 млн. публикувани коментара, като на потребител се падат средно по 41 коментара, сочи проучване на Investor.bg.

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Липсват ясни данни за активността на аудиторията на Clubs.Dir.bg, който е форум с потенциал за Топ 3.

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Общо водещите 25 сайта са генерирали близо 20 млн. коментара, което се равнява на 3 коментара на човек от населението на България.

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1. анонимен - Humans And Apes Have Ability To Laugh
06.07.2011 03:55
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Patients will have the opportunity to participate in studies to help understand pediatric rheumatic diseases.
2. анонимен - Steroids Cause The Same Tissue Changes As Tendon Injury
08.07.2011 07:10
Living a healthy lifestyle will help minimize the risk of developing some cardiomyopathies.
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The needle threads down through the blood vessel to the right kidney in order to obtain the tissue from the inside without puncturing the outside skin of the kidney.
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Aggressive behavior or hostility is often observed in children and adolescents with ADHD, and has been reported in clinical trials and the postmarketing experience of some medications indicated for the treatment of ADHD.
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Intraocular foreign bodies are injuries in which the globe of the eye has been penetrated by the object.
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The small intestine makes up more than 70% of the length and 90% of the surface area of&nbsp;the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
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4. анонимен - Benefits Of Good Doctor-patient Communication - Outcomes Improve
12.07.2011 08:23
This 1.5 to 3 g range represents the total of ampicillin content plus the sulbactam content of Ampicillin and Sulbactam for Injection, and corresponds to a range of 1 g ampicillin/0.5 g sulbactam to 2 g ampicillin/1 g sulbactam.
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The mode of action of Veregenв„ў Ointment, 15% involved in the clearance of genital and perianal warts is unknown.
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This pattern occurs in 95% of people with sleep apnea.
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Some people with the disorder are unable to recognize their own face.
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Cetirizine, a human metabolite of hydroxyzine, is an antihistamine; its principal effects are mediated via selective inhibition of peripheral H1 receptors.
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Perfusion techniques can document baseline parameters before intervention, with postoperative studies quantifying the effects of treatment.
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More serious head injuries may result in stupor, an unresponsive state, but one in which an individual can be aroused briefly by a strong stimulus, such as sharp pain; coma, a state in which an individual is totally unconscious, unresponsive, unaware, and unarousable; vegetative state, in which an individual is unconscious and unaware of his or her surroundings, but continues to have a sleep-wake cycle and periods of alertness; and a persistent vegetative state (PVS), in which an individual stays in a vegetative state for more than a month.
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This can help diagnose CJD in people who already show the clinical symptoms of the disease.
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IN THIS ARTICLELand Animal Bite OverviewLand Animal Bite SymptomsLand Animal Bite TreatmentWhen to Seek Medical CareFor More InformationWeb LinksSynonyms and KeywordsAuthors and EditorsLand Animal Bite SymptomsSymptoms of local wound infection may include warmth, pus, red streaks, a foul odor, lymph node swelling, pain with joint movement, and fever.
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Your symptoms may be worse at the end of your menstrual period and during the first several days following a period.
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If chickenpox develops, treatment with antiviral agents may be considered.
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This may lead to fainting, dizziness, and lightheadedness.
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In the controlled clinical trials of fluoxetine supporting its effectiveness in the treatment of panic disorder, patients were administered fluoxetine doses in the range of 10 to 60 mg/day (see Clinical Trials under CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY).
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The loss of brain function may be reversible, static and stable, or progressive with increasing loss of brain activity.
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Previous PageGlossaryNext Page &raquo;Next: Medical Treatment &raquo; Printer-Friendly Format&nbsp;|&nbsp; Email to a Friend Privacy Policy Women's Health Find out what women really need.
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Following surgery, the semen takes the path of least resistance and enters the wider opening to the bladder rather than being expelled through the penis.
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It is suggested that the daily dosage of XANAX XR Tablets be decreased by no more than 0.5 mg every three days (see <>section-12 DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION]). Some patients may benefit from an even slower dosage reduction.
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Swollen Lymph Nodes OverviewLymph nodes (erroneously called lymph glands) are a part of the lymphatic system, a component of the body's immune system.
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A report from the Decompression Sickness Central Registry and Radiological Panel".
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Because they have expended a lot of physical and emotional energy crying, they will often want to fall asleep.
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In both species, 150 mg/kg of terfenadine produced AUC values of fexofenadine that were approximately 2 and 3 times, respectively, the exposure from the maximum recommended human daily oral dose of ALLEGRA-D 24 HOUR.
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The memory loss is usually reversible because the memory difficulties are in the retrieval process, not the encoding process.
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In acute attacks of angle-closure glaucoma, it is common for only one eye to be involved and for symptoms to worsen.
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Diazepam — Valproate displaces diazepam from its plasma albumin binding sites and inhibits its metabolism.
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In Studies 1 and 2 (U.S. studies), the double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, add-on studies, the proportion of patients who discontinued treatment because of adverse events was 11% for the group treated with GABITRIL and 6% for the placebo group.
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This summary section refers to specific treatments under study in clinical trials, but it may not mention every new treatment being studied.
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Withdrawal symptoms, similar in character to those noted with barbiturates and alcohol (convulsions, tremor, abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting and sweating), have occurred following abrupt discontinuance of chlordiazepoxide.
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If the child has significant abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, fever, or bloody diarrhea, he or she needs to see a doctor immediately.
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Protect from freezing.
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Most cases that are mild can be treated without surgery, and most severe prolapsed bladders can be completely corrected with surgery.
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Quantitative methods that require measurement of zone diameters also provide reproducible estimates of the susceptibility of bacteria to antimicrobial compounds.
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During this time, your back will probably feel sore.
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For example, anyone who experiences spasms of the neck muscles involved with swallowing or breathing or symptoms that might involve the central nervous system should be evaluated.
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In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 175 patients (99 adolescent boys and 76 post-menarchal girls) 10-17 years of age (mean age 14.1 years) with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (heFH) were randomized to simvastatin (n=106) or placebo (n=67) for 24 weeks (base study).
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18.12.2011 18:36
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These are the main modifications and updates that SENuke X Version two. brings. Fairly neat things and it just goes to display that the builders of this amazing device are constantly making an attempt to make it far better and much better.

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[b]- How automated is it?[/b] The answer is quite easy. SENuke X is the most automated software package of its sort and it truly is as close as can be to a set and neglect link building device.

[b]- How numerous diverse link creating resources can I submit to?[/b] SENuke X supports practically 800 sites that you can use to develop links with. You can scroll again up to the supported internet sites and see the breakdown of web sites.

[b]- What are the achievement rates?[/b] As I have proven previously mentioned, SENuke X account creation accomplishment premiums are previously mentioned 90% and submissions rate are previously mentioned seventy five%. -These amounts are wonderful in my viewpoint and they confident do justify the time that SENuke X will preserve you generating and submitting to all these accounts.

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[b]- Does SENuke X perform?[/b] Yes. SENuke X performs. If it didn’t operate than it wouldn’t be right here, a lot more than three decades after 1st currently being introduced. There are countless achievement stories on the SENuke forum and I can say from my own individual knowledge that it works and performs excellent.

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The bottom line is that SENuke X is the greatest all in one particular website link constructing automated computer software, by far. If some folks claimed that the rivals are gaining on the original SENuke I am sure that they will now concur that SENuke X is light a long time ahead of the opposition and with regular updates it will surly remain on leading for decades to arrive.

You can read more about: [url=http://my-crazylife.com/seo-software/senuke-x-review/]Senuke X Review[/url] , on my blog.

You can attempt out SENuke X for totally free for a period of time of 14 days and thank to the wizard, you ought to be able to make a decision regardless of whether it is good for you or not inside that time frame.

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